Delta River Ride to Sacramento with Return by Train

The Details

This is a 53-mile ride through history.

The Delta is where California’s biggest rivers – the San Joaquin and the Sacramento – join. Riverboats were California’s first mass transit and Sacramento is where the Transcontinental Railroad terminated. The line to Lodi is the same one that first connected Sacramento to the San Francisco Bay a few months after the Golden Spike was driven at Promontory, Utah in 1869. When railroad construction ended, thousands of Chinese laborers were hired to build some of the levees and roads you ride on this route. Their descendants still live in the quaint river towns along the way.

Leave early and enjoy a unique ride through old California. The ride is flat but the Delta can be windy and it’s important to be on time for the train from Sacramento to Lodi. Amtrak’s San Joaquin Train 704 departs Sacramento at 4:55pm and arrives Lodi at 5:33pm (Fall 2015). You can buy tickets online or at the Sacramento depot. Surcharge for on-train purchase is hefty. No charge for bicycles – simply roll them on.

This route includes optional stops at Panaderia Primo’s Bakery, Walnut Grove, and Holland Market.

Length: 53 mi Elevation: + 420 / – 436 ft Features: Food


Lodi Roads (209) 333-6740
San Joaquin Co. Roads (209) 468-3074

Lodi (209) 333-6741, after-hours (209) 333-6727
San Joaquin Co. (209) 953-6070
Rabies Control/Bite (209) 953-6073

Important tips:

Download turn-by-turn directions by clicking on “View Full Route” on the map above.
Prevailing winds are usually from the Northwest.
Please obey all the rules of the road. People speed on country roads so be sure to stop at all stop signs.

*Caution: You will be riding primarily on country roads with no bike lanes. Please ride responsibly and pull off the road to let large farm machinery pass safely. The routes in this map are provided as a representation of routes commonly used by local riders. No representation is made that they are safe from vehicular, animal, or road hazards. Users are cautioned to exercise judgment. Users assume all risks of riding bikes on the routes and agree to release hold harmless Visit Lodi! from any and all injuries or damages incurred as a result of riding on the routes.