Taste every flavor, savor every memory.

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Aromas, flavors, & ambiance

Taste. You can’t explain it … you just know what you like. And when it’s good … it’s good. Good food comes from good soil, but it takes soul to create a culinary experience. The aromas, flavors, and ambiance — grown in our own backyard. Satisfy your senses with dishes crafted from farm-to-fork ingredients. With over 85 vineyards in Lodi, we’re no stranger to the perfect wine pairing, and our growing beer community creates even more dining experiences: a weekend getaway, your third date, or your 30th anniversary. Taste every flavor, savor every memory.


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Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery

The art is on the walls, the ice cream is in the cabinet and the doors are open! The Double Dip Gallery is a local art gallery showing watercolors, pastels,…

Bon Appetit

Located in Lodi CA, we serve fresh, high quality and tasty food in a fun and family oriented atmosphere. Bon Appetit uses the best ingredients including “Boar’s Head” meat and…


We are open every hour of every day and you are welcome here whenever the whim hits you. We are open to good prices, so that everyone can leave satisfied.…

Cactus Mexican Dining

Cactus Restaurant offers the authentic flavors of Jalisco, Mexico with a touch of California. Cactus Restaurant features an outdoor patio and a full-service cocktail. Wednesday is Karaoke Night.

Shi Ra Soni 2

Fun, interactive Hibachi experience, great for groups. Individual dining also available, with classic Japanese dishes and sushi.

Strings Italian Cafe

Strings Italian Cafes offer delicious, quality Italian food at a price anyone can afford. From tasty seafood, veal, and poultry dishes to traditional Italian favorites we have something for everyone.