Calivirgin-Coldani Olive Ranch

13950 Thornton Rd, Lodi, CA 95242
Calivirgin Harvest

The Details

When we say we know every bottle inside and out, we mean it, and we feel the passion we have to produce a quality extra virgin olive oil resonates in our finished product. All of our extra virgin olive oil is estate grown; we don’t use any pesticides, and our product is organically and sustainably produced from our family owned and operated farm.

Our Calivirgin olive oils are popular for their fresh, aromatic, fruity flavor that is perfect for dipping but mild enough to use as a culinary staple in your kitchen. Our flavored olive oils have been milled the same way as our premium extra virgin olive oil, except they have been crushed together with fresh produce/herbs. The result is a naturally flavored oil with no additives or preservatives.

At Calivirgin, we believe our olive oil is so good it should be on the wine list. Enjoy!

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13950 Thornton Rd, Lodi, CA 95242
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