The Exchange 1874

The Exchange 1874

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On February 18, 2024, we opened the doors to, The Exchange 1874, a farm-to-fork dining venue showcasing seasonal, local, and regional ingredients highlighting the rich variety of American cuisine. We are committed to having a menu that reflects the seasonal harvests of our region, and we will rotate three menus annually around the seasons.

The name, The Exchange 1874, derives from the local lore of a unique restaurant concept called “The Bank Exchange.”  The Bank Exchange restaurant was established in the late 1800s and quickly became a prominent gathering place for farmers, ranchers, and traders in the Central Valley. It was located in San Joaquin County, a county known for its agricultural activity and as a hub for the region’s commerce.

At the Bank Exchange restaurant, farmers and ranchers could enjoy a meal at the restaurant and pay with their agricultural products instead of cash. They could bring in fresh produce, meat, poultry, dairy products, or other goods, which the restaurant would accept as payment. These items would then be used in the restaurant’s meals and sold to other patrons.

The Exchange 1874 likewise recognizes the importance of agriculture in the Central Valley, and we are striving to be a symbol of our region’s agricultural heritage by developing strategic relationships with the farming community.

We are committed to using seasonal, local, and regional ingredients in all our dishes. We believe the ingredients matter. We also adhere to transparency in our menus. We want our patrons to know where our ingredients come from, i.e., our neighbor farmers and friends.

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