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Become a Lodi Tourism Ambassador

What is Lodi Tourism Ambassador?

Lodi Tourism Ambassador is a fun, interactive live training course that helps create positive experiences for Lodi visitors so they revisit. You learn about what makes Lodi special, the rich history, stories, and background of our Lodi community which is then shared with our visitors. In addition, you will meet like-minded individuals and join together to make tourism strong in Lodi – which benefits all of us!

Who Should Take This Course?

The Lodi Tourism Ambassador course is for anyone who works with visitors or those that want to learn more about Lodi. People that work in hospitality, police officers, tour drivers, sales people, realtors, AirBNB/VRBO owners and community leaders are often seen taking this course.

Why Take the Course?

Tourism is very important to Lodi – it creates thousands of jobs and brings in over $21 million in state and local taxes! This course shows you how all the pieces of the tourism puzzle fits together to create a visitor’s total experience. Your actions can have a multiplying effect – positive or negative. This course will show you how to also recognize a positive, neutral, or negative visitor and how to further improve their experience. New studies today have shown that visitors share equally about their postive or negative experience, however, with online review sites and social media, the impact is much more damaging for a negative review. It takes 40 positive visitor experiences to undo one negative review! (source: This publicity drastically impacts revenues generated from tourism and worse, will adversely affect our entire community. On the other hand, visitors that have a positve experience will spend more, stay longer, return in the future and tell their friends about the wonderful place they just visited. The revenue generated will benefit local businesses, improves funding for our community, provides lower taxes, new amenities, a better infrastructure and improves everyone’s quality of life. All of this begins with how we treat our visitors coming to our beautfiful city of Lodi. 

How Does The Course Work?

Lodi Tourism Ambassador is a fun, interactive learning program presented in a 3 hr live, in-person class. This engaging class gives you the opportunity to share what you know and to learn from others in our community. Once you have completed the live class, you will achieve your Lodi Tourism Ambassador certificate. Continuing education visits to local business with snacks and refreshments will be available each quarter. In addition, access to special resources, updates, and invitations to FAM Tours and industry events will be provide to you. 

What Does It Cover?

  • Tourism’s Economic Impact
  • Why Tourism Is Important to Lodi
  • Lodi’s History
  • Attractions
  • Lodi’s Wine Story
  • Lodging
  • Transportation Options
  • List of Tourism Resources
  • Quality Customer Service Techniques

How Do I Easily Register?

The Lodi Tourism Ambassador course is open to anyone interested in learning more about Lodi’s tourism and helping visitors.

Register by visiting here or emailing

Available courses:

  • January 17th 2pm-5pm
  • April 9th 9am-12pm
  • July 11th 2pm-5pm
  • October 8th 2pm-5pm

The price is only $40 per registrant.

Note: For groups 3 and larger, please email us directly for a group discount. 

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