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A Taste of Lodi: Exploring California’s Agricultural Gem

One of our favorite reasons to visit Lodi this spring is that we are located at the heart of wine country and California’s agricultural community, growing some of the finest produce in the state. As we dive deeper into spring and begin planning al-fresco brunches and fun dinner parties, we can’t help but think of utilizing the finest seasonal items from around our area to inspire us.

Lodi Certified Farmers Market

Lodi Farmers Market

If you plan a stay in Lodi from spring into summer, no trip is complete without a visit to the Lodi Certified Farmers Market! This must-see event is held weekly on Thursday evenings from 5 pm-8 pm, and is currently running through Thursday, September 5th 2024. This farmers market offers a one-stop shop for the area’s best produce and artisanal products. Make a date out of the Lodi Certified Farmers Market or have fun with the whole family while you browse local produce stands, listen to live music, and stroll downtown boutiques. You will always find local food trucks, restaurants, and breweries open to the public to enjoy the festivities!

U-Pick Farms, Markets, and More!

LoCA Blueberry Farm

While building your itinerary to explore Lodi’s bountiful agricultural gems, be sure to include a U-Pick farm in your itinerary, and enjoy fresh fruit that’s picked by you! LoCa Blueberry Farms offers blueberry picking experiences now through the end of June that are fun for the entire family. LoCA Blueberry Farm is home to 18 acres of Springhigh, San Joaquin, and Abundance blueberry varieties available to pick. Choose a bucket size and fill it with some of the freshest blueberries in the area! Also look out for their delicious Blueberry Jam and locally sourced honey available for purchase.

Lodi Blooms

Next, head to Lodi Blooms, home to Lodi’s only U-pick cherry farm operated by 4th generation farmer, James Chinchiolo. Open Memorial Day Weekend 2024 through the weekends leading up to mid-June, choose from their large variety of cherries, including Bing, Brooks, and Coral Champagne to add to your bucket. A staff favorite includes the sweet Coral Champaign variety, perfect for snacking all day long! The cherries that you will pick at Lodi Blooms are premium quality fruit, which is exemplary of our regions attention to detail in farming. Because cherries are sold per pound, you get precisely what you pay for! This fun for the whole family experience draws a crowd of all ages across Northern California to explore the 40-acre cherry farm during their short window of operation. Take advantage of this short season by planning your trip today!

If you find yourself wine-tasting through the expansive Lodi AVA, stop at Biglieri Farms Market (perfect for a pre or post-visit to Bokisch Vineyards!). Here, you will find an abundance of locally sourced cherries, peaches, apricots, walnuts, watermelons, nectarines, corn, tomatoes, and much more! Have a picnic in mind? Don’t skip out on grabbing local honey, nuts, and salsa or a tri-tip sandwich on warm focaccia bread. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their selection of delicious cream or fruit pies available for purchase.

Calivines Winery & Olive Mill

End your agricultural exploration of Lodi with an end-of-day wine and olive oil tasting from Calivines Winery and Olive Mill! Owned and operated by the Coldani Family, Calivines produces award winning cold-pressed olive oil from Lodi grown olive trees. Here, you can opt for an olive oil tasting to go alongside your wine tasting flight to enjoy the fruits of Lodi Wine Country!

If you are as excited as we are about Lodi’s local produce, book a stay at one of our renowned lodging properties, and experience first-hand, why Lodi Wine Country is at the heart of California’s agricultural heritage!

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