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Your Ultimate Guide to Lodi Wineries

Despite its size and the spread of its wineries, Lodi – which also includes the neighboring settlements of Woodbridge, Lockeford, Acampo and Clements – is easy to maneuver. Its country roads are numerous and lightly traveled, though traffic picks up between Thursday and Sunday, when most winery tasting rooms are open to the public. The flat terrain accounts for Lodi’s popularity among touring cyclists; a series of downloadable bike routes is available at

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Wine 101: How to Pair Lodi Wine with Dessert

Enjoying a dessert wine with a dessert (or perhaps as dessert) can transform a meal into a decadent and indulgent experience. Here’s what you need to know to top off your meal with flair!
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On Wine: Lodi Whites

For many years, Lodi’s wine reputation has been intertwined almost exclusively with robust and heady, jammy zinfandels. In recent years, however, I’ve discovered that Lodi has a few tricks up its sleeve, that it’s a far more diverse wine region than its “Zinfandel Capital” title might suggest.