With wine, food, and outdoor fun, Lodi is the place to catch your breath

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Now more than ever, it’s important to prioritize having some fun. You want to escape the stress of work and home and go somewhere relaxing. You also want a destination that isn’t overly crowded, stuffy, or expensive. More than anything, you just want to go somewhere where you don’t have the anxiety of being a boss, an employee, or a parent – somewhere where you can just be yourself. You want…READ MORE

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A Taste of Lodi’s Historic Vineyards

Lodi is among the leaders in California with 18 historic vineyards listed with HVS, including seven which have been validated and registered with the HVS.

5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Wine-Tasting Party

A wine-tasting party is the new dinner party — a trendy way to gather your friends for a night of conversation and good times, over some good wines.