Wine 101: Five popular wine myths exposed

Learning how to enjoy wine can be a daunting experience. There is a myriad of wine jargon, grape varieties, wine regions and style of wine. It’s no wonder that some wine “myths” have become so prevalent. These misconceptions can sidetrack your wine journey. We’re here to help. Here are five popular wine myths exposed!

  1. Expensive wines are better wines.
    While this is sometimes true, the price of wine is often influenced by factors other than its quality, such as its popularity or critical acclaim associated with scores. Psychology aside, paying more for wine doesn’t guarantee you’ll enjoy it more.
  2. Wines sealed with screwcap are low-quality wines.
    There are outstanding quality wines bottled under both corks and screwcaps. The truth is that screwcaps have been proven to perform better than corks in protecting wine from harmful oxidation. Additionally, wines sealed under screwcaps are popular among wine drinkers because they’re easier to open and store and preferred by many winemakers and importers because they cause fewer faults in the wine.
  3. Boxed wine is mediocre.
    The type of container is unlikely to affect the quality of the wine inside, though it can influence a wine’s shelf life. Since most wines aren’t meant to be aged, a bag-in-a-box wine can be wonderful. Furthermore, increasing number of winemakers are seeking more sustainable alternatives to transporting wines in glass.
  4. Great wines have great “legs.”
    You know the “tears” that stream down the inside a wine glass after a wine has been swirled?  Those are called “legs”, and many believe they are indicative of the quality of the wine. In fact, they are indicative of either higher alcohol content and/or more higher sugar content in wine and do not tell you about the quality of the wine.
  5. Wines get better with age.
    The reality is that only a small number of wines benefit from ageing. Those that can age tend to have high levels of tannins and/or acidity, elements that help preserve wine.  Most wines are meant to be consumed within a couple of years after bottling.

Of course, the best way to learn about wine is to taste wine and talk to knowledgeable, approachable winemakers and educators. Come to Lodi Wine Country where you’ll find the wine tasting experience is unpretentious, fun and educational. We hope to see you soon!

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