Visitor Resources in Lodi, CA

Whether you’re planning a family trip, a romantic getaway, or a friends weekend in Lodi, we don’t expect you to know everything you want to do, and where you can find it. That’s why we have visitor resources available to you 24/7 on!

We put together a couple of critical items to help you start planning your memorable stay in Lodi Wine Country!

Plan Accommodations

One of the most important parts of the pre-planning process is where you’re going to call home base and lay your head down at night. Places like, Airbnb and Expedia seem like great places to search for those accommodations, but they don’t show you all of the properties available. But on, it does! Browse all of the lodging options available in one convenient website and not have to juggle six tabs to figure out which hotelsmotel, bed and breakfast, vacation rental or RV Park is right for your trip. With convenient links to each property, it’s easy to identify the type of accommodation you are looking for and get an idea on if it’s in the area you want.

Swing by the Downtown Visitor’s Center

Of course, our visitor center in Downtown Lodi on School Street is an essential resource for any and all visitors. While we have some Lodi merch for sale, our sole purpose in Lodi is to provide you with information! That’s why we’re open daily (except major holidays) from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ready to assist you with any question you may have. Our Downtown Visitor Center is on 25 N. School Street, conveniently next to some tasting rooms and a cheese shop! If you can’t make it into the shop because you’re too busy, there are plenty of other ways to get in touch with us.  Give us a call at 209-365-1195, shoot us a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or message us directly on our website using the online chat feature.

Grab Your Lodi Visitor’s Guide

A great resource for planning your trip to Lodi is our Visitor Guide, updated each year. They are free, and they are here for your use. The guide is a terrific overview of all there is to do in Lodi. It has information on restaurants, lodging, wineries, outdoor activities and so much more. Still in the pre-planning process? We’ll also send you a hard copy of the guide to your address for free! So if you aren’t a fan of those fandangled computers, just submit a request and we’ll send one out your way! Although we’d love to have you stop by our place and pick up a guide, you can also pick up our guides all across town. A perfect place to find them is at the wineries in town.

Check the Events Calendar

One thing that you will want to take a look at is our events calendar online, which lists all of the events happening in town. This will help you start to plan your itinerary for your stay around the major events that you may want to attend – or to at least get a better sense of which weekends are going to be the busiest in Lodi.

Get Familiar with the Wine Trail Map

No visit to Lodi Wine Country is complete without picking up a Lodi Wine Trail Map from our good friends at Lodi Wine! They produce this vital piece of literature that gives you a glimpse of the Lodi wine scene in Downtown Lodi, and throughout the appellation!

This is a MUST for any and all wine tourists. The map allows you to really plan your trip and not only hit all the wineries you had on your list at the start of the trip but it also allows you to discover some of those wineries you didn’t have on your list. You can pick these up at the Downtown Visitor Center, the Lodi Wine & Visitor Center located in the Wine & Roses Hotel and at many of the wineries across the appellation.

Explore the Cycling Routes

Perhaps you’re looking less at Lodi wine country, but looking more at Lodi country roads!

Cycling is part of our DNA, and for a good reason. So bring your bike and look through some of the great bike routes we have available to print at home, pick up at the visitor center, or even use the RideWithGPS app! 

You won’t be in this alone! Your trip to Lodi isn’t just important to you, your family and your friends that are coming along – it’s also important to us! It’s our job to help make your stay in Lodi a memorable one, so don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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