Unearth Lodi’s Agricultural Gems

No matter the season, Lodi always has fresh, local produce just waiting to be relished. Be sure to get out and enjoy the many farm stands, farmers’ markets, olive orchards, and U-pick options available throughout the year.

Farm Stands

Lodi has no shortage of delicious farm stand abundance. From flavorsome fruits to yummy pies to freshly-laid eggs, our farm stands are sure to satisfy.

Year-round, The Farm Café at Michael David Winery, S&R Egg Ranch, and Clements Ridge Produce offer seasonal favorites.

The Farm Café at Michael David Winery, known for its variety of fruits and plump pies is also home to a brunch-winning café and the tasting bar for Michael David Winery.

If you prefer breakfast in bed, S&R Egg Ranch has you covered. While collecting your morning scramble, ask about their local pistachios.

For some comforting bites, Clements Ridge is the place. Pick up a creamy pot pie or tri-tip sandwich, and top it off with a few pieces of house-made candy. Clements Ridge offers a large selection of fruits and veggies, as well.  

Not to be missed, June through August, Mr. D’s Blackberries & More boasts a generous selection of vegetables and, of course, sweet, juicy blackberries.   

Farmers’ Markets

An always anticipated local favorite, every Thursday evening, May through September, downtown Lodi is home to the lively, Lodi’s Certified Farmers’ Market. Not just an array of delicious fruits and veggies, this event has a little of everything. Strolling down School Street, through the market, you’ll find food trucks, live music, craft vendors, a wine garden, a beer garden, and even a hummus stand. The Lodi Farmers’ Market is a must for all.  

For a quick stop, the Lodi Certified Farmers’ Market at Salas Park is the perfect, produce-driven choice. Every Saturday morning May through October you’ll find a range of satisfying, seasonal fruit and vegetable offerings.

Olive Orchards / Olive Oil

Ever toured an olive orchard? Olive Drop Olive Oil Co. produces luscious olive oils, from classic to flavors such as garlic, lemon, and basil, and they’ll walk you step-by-step how they do it. Book a tour with Olive Drop Olive Oil Co., experience the life of an olive grower and olive oil maker, and sample the fruits of their labor.  

Tasting olive oils has never been more simple at Calivirgin-Coldani Olive Ranch. Enjoy bread soaked in their classic olive oil or be a bit more daring and try their spicy serrano flavor. Don’t miss the Lodi Olive Oil Co.’s offerings, also located at the Coldani Olive Ranch.  

Cheese Central just sounds like a delicious endeavor. And, they do not disappoint. With cases filled with amazing cheeses and meats and shelves stocked full of local jams, jellies, nuts, and more Cheese Central is snacking heaven. They also offer local olive oils to taste and purchase. Additionally, fresh olives in various briny concoctions can be found and savored during a visit to this shop.

U-Pick Fruits

May through June K & S Blueberries invites you to trade your indoor blues for some outdoor blueberry picking. Collect your family and friends, grab a pale, and make a day of it. 

Need a sweet incentive to get out and enjoy a little nature? Check out Bogarin Farms, May through October. Stretch your legs and arms as you reach for crisp, mouth-watering apples, apricots, and boysenberries.

Everyone has their take on what is tasty. Come to Lodi, CA, discover the bounty and your favorites.