Top Reasons to Bring Your Dog to Lodi

Lodi has always prided itself on being dog friendly. In fact, a number of our businesses have social accounts dedicated to the dogs that visit them! Here are a few reasons why you should bring your dog with you when you #visitlodi!


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1.    Stay in Dog-Friendly Accommodations

You can rest easy that your overnight stays in Lodi can comfortably accommodate your four-legged pal. Whether you’re looking for a local favorite like Wine & Roses Hotel, a familiar favorite like Holiday Inn Express or Motel 6, vacation rentals like Lee Ave Cottage, or even park the RV at Flag City RV Resort. There are many places that you and your buddy can recharge your batteries for the next day of fun!

For a full list of Lodi lodging facilities, click here!

2.    Blow off Steam at One of Lodi’s Dog Parks

There are three dog parks located within the city that dogs and owners are free to enjoy – Vinewood Park, Beckman Park, and Lodi Lake Park.

3.    Explore Mother Nature Together

Speaking of Lodi Lake Park, there’s nothing quite like taking a kayak on the water with your pooch and paddling around.  

For longer trips, you could even kayak up the Mokelumne River and see how your dog reacts to the sights, sounds and smells of nature!

4.    Visit Lodi’s Wineries and Breweries

Whether you prefer your adult beverage in a stein or a stem, there are plenty of dog-friendly wineries and breweries in Lodi to visit.

Now, remember, grapes are toxic to dogs, so if you do visit vineyards, make sure you don’t allow your dog to nibble on them! Instead, bring some dog treats!

Vineyards like m2 Wines, Heritage Oak Winery, Dancing Coyote and Oak Farm Vineyards are perfect for a visit together, though many of Lodi’s wineries are pet-friendly.

For a complete list of wineries click here!

Breweries like the Dancing Fox, Idol Beerworks, Lodi Beer Co. and of course the group over at Five Window Beer Co. who have their dogs not only at the brewery but in their logo, always welcome dogs!

Take lots of pictures of how you and your pup explore Lodi and tag us on Twitter and Instagram (@VisitLodi) or use #visitlodi and be sure to tell us what your favorite dog-friendly place to visit in the city is!

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