Top 5 Best Dessert Places In Lodi

Are you craving something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Perhaps something cold or refreshing or chocolatey will hit the spot. Whatever you are searching for, you can find it here in Lodi – from Gunther’s famous ice cream to truffles, to delicious cakes; delicious treats are waiting for you.

Try something new and adventurous at the popular Sweet Lab Boba Tea & Desserts. They have a variety of mouthwatering desserts from ice cream, milkshakes, milk teas with boba, and much more. Milk tea with boba (also known as bubble tea) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in the 1980s and contain a tea base mixed with fruit flavor or milk with fun little tapioca balls also known as boba. There is an endless varitey of flavors you can choose from such as honeydew, strawberry, coffee, or even plain milk tea. Mix and match your own flavors if you’re adventurous! What makes them one of the top dessert places in Lodi? They also have unique ice cream flavors that you won’t find at your typical ice cream shop. One such flavor is ube, which is a vivid violet Filipino ice cream flavor prepared using ube (purple yam) as the main ingredient and has a mildly sweet and nutty taste to it. It tastes amazing! Another fan favorite is the honey lavender, which has a lavender essence infused in sweet honey milk!

Just like the milk tea, you can create your own ice cream combination. Put it in a cup, a salted caramel infused ice cream cone, a bubble waffle cone, or even a glazed donut ice cream donut sandwich. Get wild with your imagination and create the best dessert ever at Sweet Lab Boba Tea & Desserts.

Cold treats with a little boost tickling your fancy? You must make a visit to Mokulemne Brew House for their famously delicious affogato. Affogato is a wonderful Italian drink-dessert consisting of vanilla gelato and freshly brewed espresso–it’s a perfect treat on a hot summer day or those mid-afternoon work days where you want that little kick of caffeine. If you want to enjoy a little bit of local art with your desserts, take a stroll over to Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery where they showcase watercolor, acrylic, reverse gold leaf glass lettering art, pottery, and hand made jewelry. After 50 feet of the gallery you will find an ice cream counter serving 16 flavors of Gunther’s ice cream, a Sacramento favorite since 1940! This is another popular tourist site when visiting Lodi. Looking for more a more traditional dessert option to satisfy for sweet tooth? Head towards Honey Treat Yogurt Shoppe, 2020 Best of Lodi award winner and well-known local frozen yogurt shop located on Lodi Avenue that has been making delicious yogurt for over 25 years. The assortment of rotating flavors includes French custard, red velvet cake, southern salted butter pecan, and juicy peachy tart, just to name a few. Honey Treat Yogurt Shoppe also has an amazingly refreshing strawberry lemonade sorbet (yes at a yogurt place) that puts them on the list of our top 5 dessert places in Lodi.

Maybe you aren’t interested in anything cold to eat for dessert or just want something lighter.

Head on down to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and choose from a variety of sweets like fudge, truffles, caramel apples, chocolate-covered strawberries and so much more! You know we couldn’t have a Top 5 Dessert List without mentioning chocolates! Almost all of their chocolates are freshly made in their store. Chocolate covered strawberries are always a favorite and easy to pair with your favorite wine down the street in one of many Lodi’s tasting rooms downtown. But don’t shy away from the delicous fudge, truffles and caramel apple; which they will happily cut for you to share. You can never go wrong with chocolate and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has plenty for you to choose from.

As you can see there are many options in Lodi for dessert and even more places to discover. All you have to do is narrow it down to what you are craving the most and what will satisfy your dessert desires.

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