The Best Family Restaurants in Lodi

1. Pietro’s Italian Restaurant

Pietro’s Italian Restaurant is a favorite among both Lodi locals and Lodi visitors, and for good reason. As one Trip Advisor User stated in a review after visiting Pietro’s with her husband, “We both commented it was one of the best dishes we’ve had for a long time!”.

2. Avenue Grill

Avenue Grill takes good care of its customers. In one Trip Advisor review, a customer states, “Go hungry. Very hungry. As a matter of fact, don’t eat for a day before you go to Avenue Grill.” Avenue Grill is known for not only serving a great quantity of food, but for serving a great quality of food. With breakfast and lunch served all day, it’s sure to please even the most picky of eaters.

3. Thai Spices Restaurant

“When great food, great service, and great atmosphere combine, then a great experience results.” – from a recent review of Thai Spices Restaurant. Guests describe Thai Spices Restaurant as a welcoming place to go with your family; a place where you will often see the owner talking to guests. With vegan and vegetarian-friendly options on their menu, Thai Spices Restaurant deserves to be in the what to eat for dinner discussions.

4. Smack Pie Pizza

Smack Pie Pizza is the perfect match for even the pickiest of eaters. The idea is simple: create a personal pizza exactly how you’d like it to be made. Don’t like veggies? No problem. Want cheese and bacon only? You’ve got it! Swing by with your family and see exactly how different (or similar) your family’s taste in pizza is.

5. The Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery

The Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery combines their great wine with a great selection of food for the whole family to enjoy. From house-made sausages to brick-oven pizza, The Dancing Fox has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

6. Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe

Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe is the place to go for a great sandwich. A staple sandwich shop in the community for years, Fiori’s offers a unique experience to families who visit. Pro tip: get there early, as they are a popular spot. As one online review states, “The Dutch crunch is phenomenal, but they usually run out after lunch on busy days.”

7. Lodi Beer Company


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Lodi Beer Company is the perfect place to go when you have a group of people who all want different things. Burgers, tacos, salads – Lodi Beer Co has it all, not to mention some of Lodi’s best beer brewed right in the restaurant!.

8. A & W Rootbeer

A&W Rootbeer is the perfect compromise for groups that want to experience the history of Lodi who are also ready to eat. As the birthplace of A&W Rootbeer, Lodi’s A&W Rootbeer restaurant has memorabilia, some of which is for sale.

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