The 5 Best Wineries to Visit in Lodi, California

By Lexis WineWhen most of us think of California wine country, the first places that come to mind are most likely Napa and Sonoma. Some might not even realize that California is actually home to 139 AVA’s (American Viticultural Areas).

While it’s the largest winegrowing region in California (it’s twice the size of Napa Valley!), Lodi is one of the west coast’s most underrated wine regions. It’s the source for many grapes added to the blends of large Napa and Sonoma wines, but Lodi is still building its reputation as an independent, must-visit wine region.

Home to some of the oldest vines in California, Lodi is the birthplace for much of California’s wine scene (and also birthplace of the wine icon, Robert Mondavi). Not only do these old, powerful vines root Lodi in the state’s history of wine, but they also produce incredibly… Read More

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A Taste of Lodi’s Historic Vineyards

Lodi is among the leaders in California with 18 historic vineyards listed with HVS, including seven which have been validated and registered with the HVS.