The 10 Best Tacos in Lodi

Americans love eating tacos. In fact, it is estimated that last year Americans consumed over 4.5 billion tacos – which is quite a bit! So we compiled a list of the top ten places to get a taco in Lodi, according to Yelp users.

1. Corrina’s Taqueria

Corrina’s Taqueria (formerly Charles Place) is a hit with Yelp users and one place you can get keto and vegan tacos. As one Yelp user stated in a recent 5-star review, “Amazing keto tacos! I would recommend this place to everyone.”

2. Taqueria El Grullense

Taqueria El Grullense is described by Yelp users as “always amazingly delicious,” and one look at the photos on their Yelp page make it easy to see why! Besides their tacos, their carne asada fries are also mentioned quite a bit in their reviews.

3. La Campana Taqueria

La Campana Taqueria began in 2000 as a way for hard working men and women in the Lodi area to get a quick meal that would be fresh, hearty, tasty and a fair price. Nearly two decades later, they are a staple in the community, known on the Yelp community for their chicken tacos as well as their breakfast burritos – all of which are served in generous amounts.

4. La Picosita

La Picosita may be a food truck, but it has customers raving about it online. As one Yelper stated in a review, “After I was introduced to this taco truck, I have never been able to go anywhere else for tacos.”

5. El Vino Taco Truck

With a 4.5-star review on Yelp, you know that El Vino Taco Truck a good choice. Some Yelp users claim this is the best in town, saying “We’ve been trying every taco truck in Lodi trying to find the best one. This one is our favorite so far!”

6. El Pazcifico Mexican Grill & Cantina

El Pazcifico Mexican Grill & Cantina prides itself on not only making great food, but providing great customer service as well. As one Yelper states, “The food is really good, but what makes this place really great is the service. The servers are very contentious and attentive. Owner always comes out to see how people are doing.”

7. Tacos El Charrito

As one Yelp user states, the tacos from Tacos El Charrito are, “Hands down one of the best tacos I’ve had.” Their al pastor fries are also a popular item on the menu.

8. Tacos El Guapo

Tacos El Guapo is another great option for tacos in Lodi. Whether it is through their food truck, or as a catering service, their customers are happy and raving about it on Yelp. As one Yelper stated, “Hands down the best mexican food in Lodi. I could eat here every day and not get tired of the food.”

9. Las Islitas Mariscos

Las Islitas Mariscos is a Mexican restaurant that offers many seafood options for their customers. One Yelper stated, “The best food I have ever had. Seriously amazing!” before going on to state that it is the “best hidden gem in all of Lodi.”

10. La Güerita Taqueria Restaurante & Nevera

If you’re looking for a place to try some al pastor tacos, then La Güerita Taqueria Restaurante & Nevera is the place to go. As one Yelper stated, “The tacos al pastor here are the best i’ve ever had and i’m a huge stickler for al pastor.”

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