Summer Time Beers

Beer, like wine can be seasonal. Just as one might turn to lighter-bodied, chilled wines when the mercury peaks in August and September, there are “summertime” beers. 

Summertime beers should be refreshing, well-carbonated and lower in alcohol.  Here are four styles of beer that are quintessential summertime refreshment:   

  • Cream Ale – The name is a misnomer; cream ales do not contain any milk products. Cream simply refers to the smooth mouthfeel (like a nitro brew) of these cold-fermented ales are silky, refreshing, quaffable, and perfect for warmer weather.














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Dry hard ciders are another great summertime adult beverage option, and for non-alcoholic options, fresh Kombucha is a great option.

During your next visit to one of Lodi’s six craft breweries/tap rooms – Brix and Hops, The Dancing Fox Winery and Brewery, Five Window Beer Company, High Water Brewing Inc., Idol Beer Works, and Lodi Beer Company look for one of these summertime beers and other thirst-quenching, refreshing options.