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Play Pokémon GO in Lodi, CA

Pokémon GO has taken over the mobile phones of kids and the young-at-heart! Pokémon are everywhere around the world — even in Lodi, CA! Downtown Lodi is swarming with Pokémon Trainers looking for those cute little Pokémon.

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Where to Find Poke Stops and Gyms

Lodi is full of PokeStops (many along School Street) and Gyms (a level 2 gym at the end of School Street by the Lodi Ave Arch). There are two PokeStops right next to the Downtown Visitor Center. Stop by and get your pokeballs and learn more about Lodi in one fell swoop.

pokemon gym lodi

While you’re out looking for rare Pokémon stop by Smack Pie for a slice of pizza or Java Stop at their PokeStop or Gym! So don’t wait any longer — grab you phone and head over to Lodi and add to your Pokémon collection!

Gotta catch ’em all!

Always remember to be safe — that means be aware of your surroundings and where you’re walking.

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