One Fine Weekend Along Lodi’s Zinfandel Trail

Raise a glass to the quintessentially California wine in this inviting Central Valley town.

By Bill Fink – Diablo Magazine

Zinfandel, the “quintessentially California wine,” according to Stuart Spencer, director of the Lodi Winegrape Commission, flourishes in vineyards across the state, spanning Sonoma County in the north, Paso Robles in the south, and the Sierra Foothills in the east. But perhaps no region is so closely associated with the grape yet so little known to casual wine consumers as Lodi. Its sandy floodplain soil and wide day-to-night temperature disparities are ideal for zinfandel production, while the Central Valley town’s inviting, under-the-radar scene makes for a great place to sip in a relaxed setting. Read More.

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Why Lodi Is the Most Exciting US Wine Region You’ve Never Heard of

Some young and approaching cult-level status with their “cool-kid” followings—have noticed the potential of the region and have bought vineyards here or are sourcing fruit for their own labels. Together, they’re producing a fascinating range of Lodi wines, with bright, aromatic character profiles that are themselves somewhat shocking, especially if your reference point is the now-dated big, ripe fruit bomb.

Lodi Native – A Showcase for Lodi Terroir

Lodi has a well-deserved reputation for being the “Zinfandel Capital of the World”. Many of the wines on which it has built its reputation could be described as big, bold and ripe with plenty of oak influence. It’s a style that sells well because it is popular with a majority of consumers.