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Make Back to School Fun:  5 Educational Attractions in Lodi, CA

School is about to begin (or already has!) and what better way to get those brains ready for class than visiting five of Lodi’s educational attractions!  

Lodi Lake Park

This 58-acre nature area is an amazing playground for families to enjoy a number of outdoor activities and connect with nature. Whether you want to take it in from land with trails around the park, or from the water on a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, Lodi Lake Park will sure have the kids ready to learn about the great outdoors.

You will see a number of different animals like birds, otters, deer and foxes as you walk or boat your way around the park.

Micke Grove Zoo

Located in the heart of Micke Grove Regional Park, the Micke Grove Zoo is home to native and exotic species from all over the world, including several special status species such as the golden eagle, cotton-top tamarin, and black-and-white ruffed lemur.  Beautiful exhibits take visitors on a journey through some of the most exotic places in the world, including the Tropical Forest Canopy, home to green iguanas and Prevost’s squirrels, and the Island Lost in Time, featuring lemurs, geckos, cockroaches, and radiated tortoises from Madagascar.

San Joaquin County Historical Museum

The San Joaquin County Historical Museum, located inside of Micke Grove Regional Park, reveals the fascinating history of the region. The museum has eight exhibition buildings, four historic buildings including the Charles Weber cottage and Calaveras School.  The museum also features room dioramas of Weber family furnishings, a children’s gallery, and large displays of hand tools and agricultural equipment.

The Serpentarium

Do your kids love creepy crawlies? If the answer is yes, head over to the Lodi Serpentarium, where you will find over 50 different breeds of snakes and other reptiles. This unique museum has exotic reptiles such as bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons, mantella and horned frogs, emperor scorpions, tarantulas and various other creatures. While you’re visiting hold one for a picture…if you dare!

World of Wonders Science Museum

The World of Wonders Science Museum is a fun and exciting place where children and adults can learn about the world around them through science. Experiment with solar electricity at the Solar Exhibit, make bubbles with different shapes at the Bubble Table, or test your race car making abilities at the Lego Raceway. With over 50 world class hands-on exhibits, the WOW Science Museum is a perfect activity to get your mind working!   Plan your fun and educational visit to Lodi today! Published: August 2015

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