Lodi’s Oak Farm Vineyards Win Best of Show

THE Rosé Competition 2022, is excited to announce the results of our competition, held at the Ft. Lauderdale Woman’s Club, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Saturday, May 14th.  Under the auspices of the American Fine Wine Competition, the judges selected Oak Farm Vineyards, 2021 from Lodi, CA ($26) as Best of Show in the Dry Rosé category.  This balanced, dry, Italian styled Rosé hit all the right notes and is a truly a magnificent wine.  Well done Oak Farm!  Three Best of Show Dry Rosé runners up included… Read More.

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Lodi, California Rosé – Summertime in A Glass

Summer is upon us, and rosé season is in full swing. With the combination of Lodi’s classic Mediterranean climate and over 100 grape varieties, look to Lodi to slake your thirst for a crisp, refreshing glass of rosé.