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Keep your New Year’s Resolution in Lodi

Resolution Goals

We now begin crafting our New Year’s resolutions in hopes to achieve that betterment goal, while also trying to keep them.

So, we looked at some common New Year’s resolutions and want to share tips for how to keep them when you visit Lodi.   

Nearly 75% of all resolutions are about being healthier, the most obvious to eat better and exercise more, but keeping that resolution during your trip to Lodi is so easy.


There are plenty of Lodi restaurants where you can eat on the healthier side. Like


“Get Hooked” ❤️����

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And that only scratches the surface to all of the food options in Lodi


We all know staying healthy is also about getting exercise, and Lodi has an abundance of outdoor activities to help you get in shape while having fun at the same time.  

It could be as easy as

  • walking around downtown,
  • taking a peek at all the shops and tasting rooms, 
  • or taking a bike ride.

Explore one of Lodi’s popular bike routes, ranging from a five-mile route around Lodi Lake to a 53-mile bike ride to Sacramento that will have you return to Lodi by train.

Of course, Lodi Lake Park is a solid place to get your exercise in as well.  Be it walking around the trails around the park or paddling on kayaks and paddleboards from Headwaters Boathouse.

You see, there’s no excuse for you who want to be healthier in 2019, to miss out on Lodi!


Another popular resolution is all about taking yourself out of your comfort zone and learning new things and meeting new people. 


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Making new friends in Lodi is a foregone conclusion when you visit.  Whether it be

making friends is going to happen in Lodi. 

For some, the world of wine can be intimidating, but we assure you that tasting wine in Lodi will be a fun, casual and rewarding experience.

Lodi winemakers are some of the best in the world (and for Adam Mettler, he is the best in the world according to Wine Enthusiast Magazine), and when you taste Lodi’s world-class wines you’ll see just how serious Lodi winemakers are about making premium wine. 

But what you will also notice is how fun and casual the experience will be.  It’s not a dress in your Sunday’s Best kind of experience, or if you’re a wine novice you have to stay away.  You’ll find our tasting rooms inviting and accepting of everyone, and wine experts to wine novices will love the Lodi wines that hit their taste buds!

Staying Somewhere New

And when your afternoon of winetasting is done, we have the perfect accommodation for your overnight stay.  Whether you are looking for a

  • boutique resort,
  • franchise favorite,
  • bed & breakfast,
  • Airbnb or vacation home,

Lodi has the right accommodation for you.  

So, you see, your trip to Lodi won’t be a time where you’ll have to cheat on your New Year’s resolution, there is certainly a way to carry out that resolution and experience something new and fun in Lodi!

Start planning your trip now by downloading our FREE visitors guide and should any questions arise, feel free to call the Downtown Visitors Center at 209-365-1195 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

On social media, be sure to search #visitlodi to see how other people Visit Lodi and be sure to follow our accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well!

Here’s to a fulfilling and happy 2019! 

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