Ice Cream Shops in Lodi, CA

Double Dip Gallery

Double Dip Gallery is a different kind of ice cream shop, combining an art gallery with an ice cream shop. This hybrid gallery serves 20 flavors of rich, creamy Gunther’s Ice Cream, a Northern California favorite, with a rotating “Flavor of the Month.” Customers are encouraged to grab their ice cream, casually wander around the gallery, and take in the beautiful artwork.  


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House of Ice Cream

House of Ice Cream, one of Lodi’s newest ice cream shops, is known for its many toppings – such as a slice of pie or an ice cream bar!


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Honey Treat Yogurt Shoppe

This well-known local yogurt shop located on Lodi Avenue has been making delicious yogurt for over 25 years. The assortment of rotating flavors include French custard, red velvet cake, southern salted butter pecan, juicy peachy tart, just to name a few. Honey Treat Yogurt Shoppe also offers an array of espresso drinks…why not make your froyo into an affogato!  

Oh My Yogurt

Peanut butter, Euro Tart, cake batter, cookies & cream are just a few of the wonderful flavors to choose from. This self-serve yogurt store has eight continually changing flavors and numerous toppings – the possibilities are endless! When you’re at OMY you are in control of your ice cream destiny.  


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Mokelumne Brew House

This adorable coffee shop & gelato bar is located in the heart of Downtown Lodi. Mokelumne Brew House offers fine coffee and tea drinks while also serving up some fantastic gelato and sorbet options.  Whether you like the fruitier side of things with one of their fine sorbets, or looking for a classic favorite like Stracciatella (finely ground chocolate bits in a vanilla gelato), Mokelumne Brew House has you covered!


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Sunset Sweets

Known as “the sweetest place on the Delta,” Sunset Sweets is a dessert lover’s dream! This shop serves Gunther’s Ice Cream, milk shakes, smoothies, and Hawaiian ice, but the cherry on top is the fresh, homemade brownies.  These delicious brownies are made with natural ingredients and come in ten different flavors. They also offer kayak, hydro bike, and paddle board rentals. So grab an ice cream treat and have fun on the Delta or at their new location on Kettleman Lane! 


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The Velvet Grill & Creamery

A Lodi staple, The Velvet Grill & Creamery has some of the best ice cream in town! All of their ice cream is made in house and their flavors range from classics like vanilla and chocolate to unique specialty flavors.  In addition to their fabulous ice creams, The Velvet Grill & Creamery also has a great breakfast, lunch and dinner menu! 


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Chain Ice-Cream Stores 

Baskin Robbins

This ice cream shop is a timeless American favorite serving up ice cream cones, delicious novelty treats, banana splits, and much more.  Baskin Robbins is a great neighborhood ice cream shop, and with 31 flavors you can try a new one every day!  

Cold Stone Creamery

This delightful ice cream franchise offers design-your-own creations hand-mixed on a granite slab. Don’t know what you want? No worries, Cold Stone Creamery has a fully-loaded menu that includes seasonal flavors. And because it’s located next to the downtown movie theater, Cold Stone Creamery is a perfect end to movie night in Lodi.  

Foster’s Freeze

Fosters Freeze has been a California institution since the mid 1940’s. Grab a quintessential chocolate dipped vanilla soft served cone, handmade shake, or fully-loaded sundae. This classic eatery also offers burgers, sandwiches, and other fast food accoutrement.  

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