Discovering New Cheeses in Lodi

Finding new local foods can be one of the best parts of traveling, and in this blog we’re going to share one of Lodi’s must-see spots for food exploration.

When looking for those unique tasting experiences Lodi’s Cheese Central is the perfect place to go. Cheese Central is owned by Cindy Della Monica, and from the moment you meet her you quickly understand she knows a thing or two about cheese. Cindy makes the delightful cheeses in her shop come alive as she tells the stories and the history of each product. Sure you can go to the local supermarket and find all kinds of cheese, but the chances are those cheeses have been quickly mass produced and lack authentic flavors. Specialty cheeses have a story, and the makers of them take great care in nurturing their extraordinary essence. A true cheesemaker has one particular ingredient that you will not find in commercial cheeses – that is care.

cheese central lodi

We decided to take one for the team and try some of Cheese Central’s delicious cheeses, and we have narrowed it down to three options that we think any new or seasoned cheese taster will love:

Amber Mist | Snowdonia, English Mature Cheddar

This cheese has a wonderful creamy cheddar flavor that is enhanced by whiskey. No, you won’t get drunk from this cheese, but you will be left wanting more! Amber Mist is perfect for a cheese plate with a selection of crackers and honey or on a baguette.

Red Dragon | Somerdale-Wales, Welsh White Cheddar

This creamy white cheddar made with Welsh brown ale and mustard seeds certainly lives up to its name! It is buttery, creamy, and has a little bit of a bite. Try it with a good beer or to spice up your grilled cheese. Better yet, bring it to your next BBQ and try it on burgers!

Cinco Lanza | Spain, Mixed Mike Cheese

Cinco Lanza is a mild cheese made from 50 percent cow’s milk and 50 percent goat’s and/or sheep’s milk. This semi-hard cheese is perfect for the ‘new cheese taster’ due to its mild flavor that is highlighted with hints of roasted nuts, caramel, and cinnamon. It pairs wonderfully with red wine, which is perfect while you’re visiting the Zin Capital of the World!

You could be entirely new to cheese or have been eating cheese for your entire life, either way you will be able to discover a new tasting experience at Cheese Central. Cindy and her knowledgeable staff are ready to show you a great experience when it comes to the vast world of cheese. Learn more about Cindy and Cheese Central’s offerings in this interview on our blog. 

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