Discovering Lodi’s Best Places To Take Your Dog With

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels 

by Guest Blogger Mike Powell

Lodi is wine country! If you’re visiting, though, there are other things to do in the area, and the best thing is that it’s a super dog-friendly place. No need to leave your fluff at home! 

Whether you’re coming from out of town or a resident looking for some new and fun things to do with your pup in tow, you’ll find pet-friendly accommodation, local restaurants, activities, and even dedicated areas for dog fun. 

Here are some of Lodi’s best places to go with your dog.

#1: Accommodation 

If you’re visiting from out of town with your pup, you’re in luck. Lodi boasts a multitude of pet-friendly hotels, motels, and cottages that would be happy to have you and your furbaby stay for a night or a few. Even if you’re a local, we know that you may need to spend a night away from home every now and then, whether it’s for business or simply for a change of scenery! There’s something for every budget, too. If you’re looking for a place that’s a little upmarket, a little fancy, Wine and Roses Hotel may fit the bill, although you’ll only be able to take small dogs with you.

If you have larger dogs, a larger family, and a budget to match, this Vintage Downtown Bungalow would comfortably accommodate both your family and your pets.

Other good options include Vintners Cottage (which allows up to 3 pets), Hampton Inn and Suites, and Motel 6

Surprisingly, just about all hotels and motels in the area offer some kind of pet-friendly arrangement, so whatever your accommodation preference there’ll be something for you and your pup!

#2: Places to Eat 

Going out to eat has often been the difficult part of having a pup with you when you’re on a vacation or trip. Thankfully, many of Lodi’s restaurants love pups as much as they do humans! Grab breakfast at Mimosa’s Gourmet, or coffee at Mokelumne Brew. For lunch, try a unique gourmet organic pizza at Smack Pie Pizza. For your afternoon caffeine pick-me-up check out House of Coffees, the original brewers of Lodi!

When dinner rolls around, try Nash & Tender for something spicy, or Lodi Beer Co. for a more varied menu. Some places even offer pup food, and all of them will provide fresh water. 

If none of those quite catch your attention, just about all downtown restaurants have dog-friendly tables, so why not take a wander around and see what you can find? 

#3: Dog Parks 

Once you have a comfy spot to lay your head and have fueled yourself and your dog up with a delicious meal, start your dog’s day off right by taking them for a jaunt in one of Lodi’s many dog parks. 

If you just want to let your pup off-leash for some all-out running, stop past Vinewood Dog Park. Beckman Dog Park is great too, but you’ll need to keep a close eye on your pooch as one side is unfenced. 

If you’re keen on something that caters to humans too, Lodi Lake would be a fun place for all species! While your dog is zooming, you can get your steps in on the jogging trail or enjoy the lake views. 

#4: Wine Experiences 

Even if you’re not really a wine person, you need to visit at least one winery when you’re in wine country! There are a multitude of dog-friendly wineries – they understand that every experience is better when there’s a wagging tail involved! 

If you aren’t sure where to start, try Jeremy Wine Co. for a personal wine tasting experience of an interesting mix of Spanish, Italian, and other wines. Your dog is welcome to join! 

The Dancing Fox Winery & Brewery is another spot that’s well worth a visit. You’ll be able to taste some unique blends and buy fresh bread made right on the premises. 

For a worry-free wine-tasting trip, Destination Drivers will get you where you’re going, dog and all, and even walk your pooch for you if you need to keep your dog busy! 

Remember that grapes are poisonous to dogs, so don’t feed your pup wine, no matter how tempted you may be! Take a couple of treats along to keep them happy and well-behaved. 

#5: Outdoor Fun 

Dogs love the outdoors, and as much as they’ll enjoy chilling with you while you swill wine, they’ll truly appreciate some bonding time out and about in the fresh air.  Jellystone Tower Resort Park is an interesting place you may just enjoy. Dogs are welcome if they’re leashed, and your pup would enjoy the sights and smells. Check out attractions like Mini Golf, Gem Mining, Waterpark, Scavenger Hunts, and a dedicated Bark Park. 

If you want to get more hands-on adventure, have you considered kayaking or paddleboarding with your dog? Yes! You can do just that with Happy Tails Canine Adventure Tours. The full package includes a morning on the water followed by wine tastings at 2 dog-friendly wineries. 

You can also get some time on the water at Lodi Lake Park, where you can hire a paddleboard or kayak and spend some splashy time with your furry friend. 

If you have the family in tow and your pup is up to it, you could do the Lodi Lake Family Fun Ride to get some exercise in. It’s 5 miles long through some amazing scenery, and you can finish off at the World of Wonders Science Museum for some fascinating science lessons. 

Make sure to keep your dog well-watered, whatever outdoor activity you choose! 


Whatever your (or your dog’s) type of adventure, you’ll find something exciting to do in Lodi! Why not make a day of it and see how many dog-friendly activities you can fit in? Your pup will love you for it, and you may get to experience some new things yourself. 

Have fun!

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