Discover the Beauty of the Sandhill Cranes in Lodi, California

Sandhill Cranes have been wintering-over in the California wetlands for centuries. Our Delta region teems with these exquisite animals, September through February.

You’ll find Sandhill Cranes all around the Lodi perimeter and Delta fields and marshes, though there are two favored, local viewing spots. The Woodbridge Ecological Reserve is a designated viewing area, giving you a front row seat to one of the best shows nature has to offer. Sunrise and sunset are prime times to take in the amazing audio and imagery of the Sandhill Cranes flying out in the morning and flying in at night to sleep on their protected flats. Cosumnes River Preserve is also a preferred gathering spot for these cranes and the viewers who enjoy their beauty. The preserve offers a few different opportunities for visitors to see the cranes. Spectators can take advantage of the one-mile Lost Slough Wetlands Walk, sit back and enjoy the Driving Tour, or, for those who want a little different perspective, the river is a perfect place to launch a kayak.

If a guided tour is more your speed, check out the various Sandhill Crane tours offered through February 18th, this year. Let yourself fully immerse into the life of a crane as a docent takes you into the protected wetlands to get a bit closer.

Sandhill Cranes are the epitome of grace. In flight, they extend their necks and feet, showing off their length as they soar. On land, they can be seen “dancing.” Communicating through various sounds and body gestures, Sandhill Cranes share a language told through dance. And, like a ballerina, their balance is incredible, as they sleep on just one leg. 

Birders from near and far flock to Lodi for annual sights of these truly gorgeous creatures. Whether you are a professional ornithologist, a photographer in search of an incredible shot, or just a nature-lover, taking a trip to see the Sandhill Cranes in action is promised to be a special experience. The best time to view these beautiful cranes in action is in the evening time when the air is cooler. Book your stay overnight here at one of Lodi’s amazing lodging locations, so you can take your time enjoying these magnificent creatures. 

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