An Insider’s Guide to Visiting Lodi, Calif.

By Mary Campbell

Lodi, Calif., will surprise you with its quaint small-town feel with large town life, whether you’re looking for a getaway with your special someone or a trip for the whole family.

Cycle through the beautiful country roads, paddle out on Lodi Lake and up the river, shop at one-of-a-kind stores in our historic downtown, and sip on award-winning wine. Stay in an award-winning hotel, a unique vacation home, or even a B&B.  Lodi, where I live, is nestled between the San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is incredibly… Read More

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Sustainable Winegrowing: Lodi Makes the Case

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between sustainable winegrowing and organic wine, you’re not alone. There are all kinds of labels out there to confuse us, from the familiar green and white “USDA Organic” sticker to phrases like “contains sulfites” or “made with organic grapes.”